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Nikon COOLSHOT Golf Laser Range Finders

Nikon has applied their great optics technology to Golf Laser RangeFinders. CoolShot has combined the finest optics with greatly engineered electronics to make the finest and most practical golf laser range finders on the market today. All Nikon golf rangefinders come with a two-year warranty.

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1. Hold the Golf Laser Rangefinder body steady with both hands to prevent movement.

When targeting a distant small object, like a flag-stick, hand movement may influence the result. It is best to hold the CoolShot range finder body firmly with both hands.

2. Position the flag at the center of the target mark in the viewfinder.

For the rangefinder to successfully measure the distance to the flag-stick, target the flag (which is larger than the stick), position the flag on the center of the viewfinder’s target mark ( ). Note that when your target is off-center from the target mark, the distance to the object cannot be measured.

3. Keep targeting the flag stick using “continuous measurement” function.

The laser range finder's “continuous measurement” function minimizes the influence of shaking or movement. Keep targeting the flag on the center of the target mark.