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Cart-Tek GRi-975-Li - Lithium Battery Golf Trolley Golf Trolley Bag Stewart Golf - X9R - Remote Controlled Golf Cart
Cart-Tek GRi-975-Li Golf Trolley with Down-hill Braking
List Price: $1,295.00
Sale Price: $1,099.00
Savings: $196.00
Golf Bag 26 - Waterproof, Cart-Tek
List Price: $350.00
Sale Price: $219.00
Savings: $131.00
Stewart Golf X9 REMOTE Control Golf Cart
List Price: $2,899.00
Sale Price: $2,299.00
Savings: $600.00
Golf-Trolley with Optional Braking Module and Lithium Battery

Waterproof Golf Bag with Built In Cooler

Lithium Powered - Remote Controlled Golf Cart
SuperLite Explorer Golf Push Cart Upright Caddy - Golf Push Cart Navigator Quad Gyro Golf Caddy
CaddyTek SuperLite Explorer - 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart
List Price: $329.00
Sale Price: $119.95
Savings: $209.05
Clever Caddie Upright Golf Push Cart
List Price: $199.00
Sale Price: $179.95
Savings: $19.05
Bag Boy Navigator Quad - Remote Controlled Golf Caddy
List Price: $2,495.00
Sale Price: $1,995.95
Savings: $499.05
Convenient "Two Click Folding" Holds Golf Bag and Clubs Upright Remote Control Cart - Tracks Straight with Gyro-Tracking.


Walking golf bag carts, sometimes referred to as golf trolleys, are designed to carry golf bags as the golfer walks the course. Golfers find many benefits accrue from walking golf. Among the major benefits are exercise, weight loss, and lower golf handicaps.

Golf Push Carts:
These are generally three-wheeled golf carts which the golfer pushes as he traverses the golf course. Golf push carts have the advantage of being lower-cost. One disadvantage is that requires energy to push the cart, which tends to result in the golfer getting tired during the round and thus not playing as well on the final few holes.

Electric Golf Caddies:

Technically, the term electric golf caddy refers to motorized walking golf carts – either by manual control or as a remote control golf cart. These have the advantage of not sapping the golfer’s energy used up by pushing a golf pushcart.
Generally the term Electric Golf Caddies refers to those motorized walking golf and carts that the golfer maintains control over the cart start, stop and direction by manually manipulating the cart’s handle. An electric golf caddy has the advantage of being lower-cost than a remote control golf cart, while still performing the work of carrying the golf clubs. One disadvantage is that the golfer has to stay very close to the cart, especially on downhill slopes, in order to maintain control.

Remote Control Golf Cart:
A remote control golf cart allows the golfer to control the movement of the cart using a small wireless transmitter, allowing golfer to move independent of the golf cart. Some disadvantages of remote control golf carts these carts are: one. 1) higher cost, to 2) more complex, 3) a longer learning curve for the golfer to had to operate effectively.

No matter which of these type golf trolleys that you choose, a golf pushcart, and electric golf caddy, or a remote control golf cart, you’re sure to enjoy the game more, be better fit, and, most likely, improve your golf handicap.