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We are passionate about Walking Golf!

Sunrise Golf Carts - Helping Golfers to Walk the Course and Get More Enjoyment from Golf!

We are passionate about Walking Golf! The love of golf, especially walking golf, is a passion of ours. It takes a devoted person to spend hours on practice tee hitting hundreds of balls and walking the course, golfing in all kinds of weather from hot and humid 95 degree days, to 40 degrees wind and rain.

At Sunrise Golf Carts, we understand your passion for golf and know that good equipment is important to your game. We're golfers to the core and we’re customers of golf equipment too. That is why we at Sunrise Golf Carts want to give you the best products, like our motorized golf caddy carts and 3 wheeled golf carts, and the best shopping experience possible.

We offer one-stop shopping for the walking golf enthusiast. Products offered include Electric Caddies, Remote-Control Golf Trolleys, Golf Push Carts, Golf Cart Accessories, Golf Trolley Batteries and Golf Gifts.

And we carry quality motorized golf caddy carts and 3-wheeled and 4-wheeled golf bag cart name-brands such as Bat-Caddy, Bag Boy, Big Max, CaddyTek, Cart-Tek, Ju-Cad, Spitzer, Axglo and Caddy Trek.

Continuous improvement of our products and processes is one we can better serve customers like you. We hope that your shopping experience will improve and feed your love of the game.

Best Wishes for Great Golfing!

Larry and Sun Swanson

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