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Battery - Bat-Caddy Golf Cart, Advanced Lithium - 25Ah Package
22Ah Lithium Battery Package - Bat Caddy Carts

Bat-Caddy 25Ah Lithium Battery Replacement Package. Includes Connector Leads and Carry Case.
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25Ah Advanced Lithium Battery Replacement Package - Bat Caddy Golf Trolleys

This 12v-25Ah Lithium battery package includes Battery, Connector-Leads and Canvas Carry Case. Bat-Caddy Lithium Battery Replacements provide the power and performance of lithium-ion batteries to all Bat-Caddy golf trolleys.


1. This battery is designed for Bat Caddy Remote-Control Golf Carts and non-remote two-motor golf trolleys.
2. If your Bat Caddy Cart has this battery as pictured, your charger will work. If you current battery is different, you probably need a Lithium Battery Charger.

  • Longer battery life - 2x to 4x service life compared to lead-acid batteries
  • Built-in safety features including short circuit, overcharge and discharge protection
  • No explosive gasses as found in lead acid batteries
  • Weighs considerably less than traditional batteries
  • Significantly smaller size
  • Capable of higher operating temperatures
  • Steady charging and discharging performance
  • Low self discharge rate and no memory effect
  • Environmentally friendly with no lead and no acid
  • Includes Connector Optional Leads and Carry Case

IMPORTANT: This lithium battery is designed to work with the battery charger specifically designed to work with it. DO NOT use other chargers with this battery.

To view the Bat-Caddy Lithium Battery Charger, Click Here: Lithium Battery Charger.

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Battery - Bat-Caddy Golf Cart, Advanced Lithium Total Package Battery - Bat-Caddy Golf Cart, Advanced Lithium - 25Ah Battery Charger - 14v Lithium Battery Charger - Bat Caddy Battery Connector Leads - Lithium Batteries - Bat Caddy
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