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Electric Powered Golf Caddies

These Golf Trolleys are either remotely or manually controlled and come equipped with either a Standard Lead-Acid or Lithium-Ion Battery.
NOTE: Prices are in USD.

Focus on Your Game. -- Walk the Course with a Remote Control Golf Cart.

Men with remote control golf cartsTired of manually dragging your clubs all over the course...?
With a remote control golf trolley, you won't have to. These powerful electric caddies carry your golf cubs and make navigating hills a breeze. Walk at your own pace - hands free. A remote controlled golf cart allows you to enjoy golf the way golf was meant to be played - by walking. Chose your golf trolley's power source a Sealed Lead-Acid Golf Battery or the lighter longer-lasting Lithium Battery.

Check out our selection of leading brand remote-control walking golf carts like Bat Caddy, Bag Boy, Caddy Trek, Cart-Tek, JuCad, Spitzer and Upright Caddy.

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Choosing the Right Golf Trolley

Which Golf Cart is Right For Me?

Selecting from the wide range of available Electric Golf Trolleys can be a daunting task. How do you decide which one is right for you? Here are some tips to help you through the process.

The first step involves defining the features you want. Every feature comes with a price tag. Early on you’ll need to determine not only what features you want, but what your comfortable price range for those features is. In order to match up your desired features to your wallet, do a little research. Check out the various models available, and see how their features match your desired price.

If all you need is help moving the clubs, you may be satisfied with a manually-controlled electric caddy cart. If convenience is what you are after, and don’t mind the extra cost, a Remote-Control Golf Caddy may be what you are looking for. If you are looking for something high tech, you may consider caddies with features such as the Follow-Me Robot Caddy, Touch Control Golf Cart,
and even GPS Navigator Elite. These special features are common on the top-of-the-line electric caddies but require a larger budget. The good news is there is almost certainly a cart with the features you need in your price range.

With the manual-control style Electric Caddy, the cart’s operations are controlled by instruments on the cart handle. One of the difficulties with this design is the limitations on freedom of movement. The cart requires that the operator be physically close to the cart in order to advance, stop or turn the machine. This demand on the operator’s location is eliminated with remote-control golf carts.

A remote-control style caddy allows the operator to control the movement of the cart wirelessly, so the golfer can move freely about the course. The remote controller for these caddies is relatively small which makes for convenient carrying. However, be careful not to let it slide into your pocket and accidentally move your golf trolley in an unexpected direction. By the way a Remote Control ClipHanger is a neat device to help avoid "pocket dials."

In choosing the right walking golf cart, first narrowing down your choices to either Manual or Remote-Control. This will ultimately simplify the decision process.

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