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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Walking the Golf Course

I’m a golf nut! I’m crazy about the game and I like to golf as much as I can afford to -- time and money-wise.
For a long time, I made my way around the course in a riding golf cart. Then I tried a motorized walking golf cart --- and, since then I’ve not gone back to riding. I love walking the course! Here are my top ten reasons why.

1. Better Scores: My number one reason why I love walking the golf course is that I score better. Really, I do. Studies have shown that over nine holes, golfers who use a golf push cart average three strokes better than those who ride in a cart -- and my experience bears that out.

2. Better Focus:
I can focus on the game in a more relaxed way reviewing my last shot and planning the next shot.

3. Better Club Selection:
No more saying to my partner “Drop me off, I’ll keep these clubs; you go on to your ball." -- and when I get to my ball I find out I need an eight iron instead of the seven iron that I kept.

4. Getting the Bag Close to the Green:
Often my approach shots land just off the green and I need to chip on (hopefully in). My game calls for chipping with any one of four different clubs depending on distance and how much roll is needed. With a riding cart. I’m usually left with the dilemma of -- should I take four clubs (plus a putter)? or take a chance with fewer clubs? With the push cart or an electric golf trolley, I can get up close and feel confident with my club selection.

5. Less Time Pressure:
When riding, I’m tied to my riding partner and sometimes that results in frustrating waits while he or she wipes the last blade of grass from a just used club. Or I’ve got to hurry up and hit my ball so that my partner can get his/her shot off. When I use the golf trolley, I’m free to move independently of my partner.

6. Getting Close on Cart Path Only Days:
When the ball has landed far from the path, it brings up an age-old dilemma -- “Which club do I take?” Usually, I’m unsure and hence drag a couple higher irons to the ball, sometimes finding out that a tree is in play and I need a 3 iron to punch the ball out into the fairway. I can’t tell you the number of times I didn’t want to walk back to the cart, took the shot with a 7 or 8 iron and – you guessed it -- hit the tree and took a bad bounce.

7. More Exercise:
It’s no secret that walking the course gives me more exercise. Walking 18 holes getting in an extra three miles walk. My waist line and stress levels both are beneficiaries.

8. Less Guilt:
Golfing takes time – time away from my family and work. When I walk with a push cart or an electric trolley, I can better justify the time by saying to myself, “This takes the place of going to the gym.”

9. Weight Control:
When I walk the course regularly, my weight stays in control. Munching on snacks during the round is greatly reduced and I’m in far better physical condition.

10. Lower Cost:
When golfing four or five days a week, as I do, cart fees can add up very quickly. I figured that, after paying for my first push cart, I avoided spending $2,000 per year. I used that money to fund a manually-controlled electric golf trolley. That investment was paid back in less than 2 months. Now I’ve moved up again to a remote-controlled electric caddy, the investment for which was paid back in less than three months.

If you’re interested in getting into walking the course and want to look over some golf push carts or electric golf caddies I found a retail web site that helped me. Check out SunriseGolfCarts.com; I’ve found that they have a good selection at excellent prices and they have great customer service.

About the Author:
Sun Swanson
An avid and competitive golfer living in Clarksville, Tennessee