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Get Your Walking Golf Carts Ready for the New Golf Season

There’s hardly anything worse for your game (or more embarrassing) than to have your walking golf cart malfunction while on the course. It can ruin that day’s round and leave you mighty frustrated. To prevent all that, check out your walking golf cart’s operation before that first round of the season. Here’s a great checklist to help with that.

Pre-Season Walking Golf Cart Preparation Checklist:
In Garage Checks...

All Types of Walking Golf Carts:

__ Remove the golf cart from storage bag. Clean cart.
__ Check/tighten all golf trolley accessory mounts.
__ Clean storage/carry bag. Check for spiders.
__ Load golf bag and clubs on cart. Check bag mounts and retainer straps.

For Electric Caddies:

__ “Top off” the golf cart battery charge.
__ Check /tighten battery cable connections.
__ Install battery in cart. Check battery retainer and connections to cart.
__ For Remote Control (R/C) caddies: Re-charge/replace remote controller batteries. (This one gets overlooked a lot)

On Driveway Tests...

All Types Walking Golf Carts:

__ Check walking golf cart wheels for proper mounting, unusual noises.
__ Check/adjust tracking

For Electric Caddies:

__ Turn on and check all control functions
__ For R/C Carts: Check remote operation - all functions
__ For R/C Carts: Install anti-tip wheel. Test for proper operation (steep incline.)

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Check List Provided Courtesy of Sunrise Golf Carts. “For golfers that walk the course.”