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Operating Tips for Electric Caddies

When first using an electric golf trolley, it can seem a little difficult. The following information and suggestions are intended to help with that. They are based on the experience of golfers like you. Many of these suggestions apply to push carts as well.

Unpacking and Assembly:

1. On receipt of your cart,check the box for obvious damage. Report any damage to the freight carrier.
2. Open the box and check contents vs. the packing list. Report any missing items.
3. Place the battery on charge per instructions.
4. Unpack the remaining components and assemble the trolley per instructions.
5. Save the packing material in the event a return is required.
6. When the battery is fully charged, install the battery and insure connections are tight.

Try Out:

1. Load your golf club bag onto your new electric trolley. Try to achieve good balance, taking care not to have too much weight on one side or the other.
2. Try out your new electric trolley on a flat surface such as your driveway or garage. Be sure that obstacles or items which could be damaged are out of the way or protected.
3. If need be, adjust the cart’s tracking per instructions. Note: Weight distribution of the clubs can affect tracking, so try to balance the weight.
4. Once the cart is tracking straight on smooth surface, try your cart in grass, first in a flat area and then, if available, on a slope. If needed, adjust the tracking.
5. Fold up the cart, top-off the battery's charge, and store the cart and battery for use.
6. Note any deficiencies discovered during try-out and contact us.

Using for the First Time:

By this time you have already tried out and learned how to operate the cart. Now you are ready to play a round using the golf trolley to carry your clubs.

During your first few times of actual use on the golf course, you can expect your learning process to continue. Learning the nuances of operating your golf trolley while playing will, most likely, interfere with your game. So, have a few practice rounds with your new electric caddy before entering a tournament. One way to speed-up the learning process and lessen interference with your game is to bring along a non-golfing buddy to operate the trolley under course conditions while you golf. Your buddy can adjust tracking, learn and pass on to you, the idiosyncrasies of the controls under course conditions.

Suggestions for Operating and Safety Practices:

1. Check to see that your battery and golf bag are properly secured before moving your trolley.
2. While in the parking lot, operate your trolley manually and stay in the middle of the lot away from cars or other carts..
3. Before going to the first tee, move your trolley on grass to check the tracking and set the trolley’s speed to match your walking speed.
4. While on the tee or green, park your trolley as you normally would a push or pull cart.
5. Do not “point” and send your cart toward another person or their cart.
6. When near an obstacle (fence, tree, sand trap, pond, etc.) keep yourself between the trolley and the obstacle. This is especially important anywhere near water -- you do not want to “dunk” your electric caddy.
7. For remote-control carts, find a place to keep your remote transmitter while putting. Do not put it in your pocket, because a button could be pressed unintentionally - sending your cart out of control while you are putting. A good solution is a Remote Clip Hanger.
8. When approaching the clubhouse or any other high-traffic areas, keep your trolley under control. In these areas it's a good idea to manually control your cart.
9. When returning to the parking lot, we recommend you control manually and keep your trolley in the middle of the lot away from parked cars.
10. Turn off the power before disconnecting your battery and loading it into your car. Remember to store your remote-control transmitter in your golf bag.

Following these simple suggestions will help make your beginning experience with your new electric golf trolley a delightful one.

Best Wishes for Great Golfing!

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